Plants for woodchips and wood pellets

Lekea-Dan Trim – Danish-manufactured combusion plants with outputs from 100 to 800 kWs, designed for the industry, agriculture and institutions requiring reliable and affordable heating costs.

The Lekea-Dan Trim automatic biofuel combustion plants are suited for wood pellets, woodchips, saw dust, grain, olive stones etc.

The planta are designed for many years of wear and tear, handy combustion control, automatic biomass conveyance into burner, boiler deashing and flueduct cleansing.​

Lekea-Dan Trim combustion plants have been tested by our customers since 1982, and by the Danish Technological Institute as per EN 303-5.


  • Electric ignition in burner.
  • Optimum combustion control monitoring the fluegas temperature and fluegas oxygen content – oxygen control.
  • Modulating operation from 30 to 100 per cent.
  • Vacuum control during the entire combustion period.
  • Frequency adjustment of combustion fan and fluegas exhaust..


  • Handy and easy service, strong three-draught boiler.
  • Inspection window in front door.
  • Automatic flueduct cleansing.
  • Automatic deashing into ashpit..


  • All flame-touched parts are water-cooled, reducing the risk of the ash clogging into clinker.
  • Ceramic top ensuring a high combustion temperature
  • Combustion air control in zones, allowing for air adjustment to reach the optimum combustion for the various biofuel types.
  • Ash scraper in burner bottom.
  • Burner fitted with a stoker with strong screws, thermal water extinguishing valve and cell sluice.

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